Why do you need to verify your address?

OFCOM stipulates that the address must be verified when receiving new local network numbers. Area codes can only be ordered for the location where the company is registered.

Appropriate documents for verification

For each area code, a location must be created within the Placetel telephone system and a separate verification must take place.

The following documents can serve as evidence:

  • Corporation: extract from commercial register + identity card or business registration + identity card

  • Partnership: business registration + identity card

  • Freelancers: ID card or letter from the Chamber or Tax Office

  • Association: Extract from the association register + identity card of the board of directors

  • Parish, church, fire brigade, school, university: Letter from the parish / city on their letterhead + stamp + signature

The address and company name must be clearly shown on the document. If there is an extract from the commercial register or a business registration for a main location, further locations, branches or branch offices can be verified by means of a rental agreement. It does not necessarily have to be the headquarters of a company whose address is verified.

This is how online verification works

If you have the relevant documents at hand, you can verify yourself online in your Placetel Web Portal in two simple steps. All you have to do is upload proof as a PDF file, which is then checked by our team. Several documents can also be selected and uploaded at the same time.

  1. You can create and manage the files in the account under Verifications.

  2. A new verification can be created by clicking on Upload new verification.

You will usually receive feedback on your verification within a few minutes / hours.

As soon as you have successfully verified an area code, the corrected numbers must be ordered for this area code.

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