Download and install the desktop app

We have automatically created your first user for you under the e-mail address you provided when registering the account. With this user, who is also the administrator of your Placetel account, you can now download the Webex client. The Webex Client is available as a desktop app for Mac & PC and as a mobile app for iOS and Android. To set up the mobile app, click here.

1.Click on User.

2.Select the user of your main account. You will be forwarded to the user's Webex data.

3. From there, click Download Webex Teams.

4. On the page that opens in the new tab, you can now download the software suitable for your system.

5. Install the software by double-clicking the downloaded file.

Desktop app login

1. Open the Webex client you just installed.

2. Copy the email address from the Webex data into the client. You can find the access data above the download link in the respective user's pofile in your Placetel web portal.

3. Copy the Webex password into the client.

4. Click Sign In.

4.1 If necessary, accept a message about emergency calls. This is not an error message, just information.

5. The client is now ready for use.

Further information on setting up and operating the client can be found here:

Next Steps

You can now continue to configure and use Placetel with Webex:

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