Using Placetel with Webex, you can schedule future meetings and invite desired meeting participants via your customer portal or the Webex online environment.

Plan meetings (easy)

Schedule meetings

  1. In your Placetel customer account, click on Meetings.

  2. Click on create a meeting.

  3. A form opens in which please enter all information about the meeting.

Navigation meetings

Create a meeting

Create a meeting form

By clicking on Create Meeting, all specified participants will receive an invitation.

In addition, the area pending meetings is now displayed below the form. There you will find your future meetings sorted by date.

Activate the meeting function

In order to be able to use the meeting function, it has to be activated once.

At the latest when you have set up your first meeting, you will be notified that authentication is still required. Click on "Authentication Required" to verify your Webex account and use the meeting function.

Start of the authentication process

Step 1: Login to Cisco Webex.

Click the blue Unlock Meetings Now button and have your Webex credentials ready. In the upper section "Your employee's login information" we have described where you can find the login data.

Step 2: API Terms of Use

You will be taken to the following screenshot:

Step 2: Accept the API usage.

Read through the API Terms of Use and accept them by clicking Accept.

Step 3: Start the meeting

After you have successfully accepted the terms of use in step 2, you will be redirected back to your Placetel customer account.

Finished. From now on you can use your meeting function there and, as soon as the meetings are due, you can also start them from your customer account.

Plan meetings (extended)

If you want to schedule meetings with more options and settings, you must currently use the Webex Portal.


In the course of the "Create meeting" process you will be asked to enter the login data for Webex.

Here we will show you in advance where to find them.

  1. Navigate in the Placetel customer account via Webex to the menu item User.

  2. You will get an overview of all employees who are in your account.
    Click the employee whose credentials you want to find out.

  3. You will receive an overview of all your employee's data. At Webex Teams you will then see the login name (always an email address here) and the password. These are the parameters that you always specify when asked for them.

Employees menu item

Webex login information

Creation via Webex Portal

  1. In your Placetel customer account, click on Meetings on Portals.
    Navigation meetings
    There you will find the menu item Webex Portal. Click the blue Webex Portal button.

  2. You will then be redirected to the Cisco Webex online platform. If you are not yet registered, please register by clicking on the register button.
    If you are already logged in, please scroll down to point 3.
    To log in, you need to enter your or your employee's login data in the login mask. You may have to enter this several times.

  3. You will then be taken directly to the Webex web interface.
    Here you will find the options Start meeting and Schedule appointment. You will also see an overview of all outstanding meetings.
    Schedule or join a meeting view

  4. To schedule a meeting now, click on the gray Schedule Meeting button.
    Then you reach the input window in which you can enter all the meeting information.
    You can also invite your future meeting participants directly here.


Webex Portal Button

Sign in to Cisco Webex

When connecting with the webex portal you have to enter you login information multiple times

Shedule a meeting via webex portal

We have summarized explanations of the setting options for you below.

When everything has been entered, you can click on Schedule and save the appointment. All invitees will receive a notification of the appointment.

→ To start a meeting directly, click on the green Start Meeting button.

Start meeting

Setting options

Schedule a meeting

① Meeting type

There are 3 meeting types that you can select from the drop-down menu. They differ as follows:

  • Webex Meeting Broadworks Standard: Standard meetings can be created once or as a series of appointments. Meeting guests can be invited for this. Each meeting has an individual URL.

  • Webex Meeting Broadworks Standard plus end to end encryption: These are meetings in personal rooms. They are best for impromptu meetings and back-to-back meetings where the meeting host is staying in a meeting room for multiple meetings and attendees want to join at different times.

  • Webex Personal Conference: A personal conference meeting is an audio-only meeting, similar to a conference call.

② Subject and password of the meeting

The topic of the meeting also means the name of the meeting. The topic you enter here will be displayed in invitations, in the calendar, in reminders and later in the meeting itself.

The password is a security feature. If a password is activated for a meeting, the meeting can only be entered with the correct password.

Your meeting guests will automatically receive the password by email when you are invited to the meeting. For more options on the password, see Show advanced options.

③ Date and time of the meeting

In this area you enter the date and time at which the meeting should take place.

You and your invited guests will also be (again) informed of the times by email invitation.

④ Invite participants

Here you can enter the email addresses of the participants who you want to invite to this meeting.

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