The main account user you created when opening your Placetel account already acts as a full-fledged Placetel with Webex user. To add further employees, you need to create new users for them following these steps.

  1. In the Placetel customer account, select Employees → Add new employee.

2. Enter your first and last name and an email address.

3. Click the checkbox Activate telephony function and create VoIP destination, if not already done

4. Select the personal incoming number for the user. You can also select non-activated phone numbers here, but you have to book and pay for them in the next steps. You can find more information on personal phone numbers here.

5. Also enter an outgoing phone number. You can change the outgoing number later. You cannot select outgoing phone numbers that have not yet been activated in this step.

6. Assign an internal extension for the user (2-4 digits). If you do not want to assign an extension, you can have the system automatically assign an extension.

7. Select the Basic, Business or Enterprise package for the user.

8. If the user also uses a desk phone, select the appropriate device in the next step and enter the MAC address. If the user only uses the Webex client, select The user only wants to use the Webex client and click Next.

9. In the overview you can see all important key data of the user. You can also download the Webex Teams client directly here and use it with the displayed user data. For more information on setting up and using the client, click here.

Every user needs a personal number to make calls. The personal number is an externally accessible number from your number block that is permanently assigned to an user. You can find out more about the personal phone number on our corresponding help page here.

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