1. Activate / set up two-factor authentication for the respective employee under "User data" and confirm with the current password

  2. Installation of the desired authentication software such as "DUO"

  3. Scan the QR code with authentication software and add Placetel two-factor authentication

Please note that after activating two-factor authentication, an additional code generated by your authentication software will be requested every 30 days. Without this code, you can no longer log in!

Two-factor authentication

Placetel's two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an additional security feature to your Placetel user account and thus provides additional protection. The proof of identity of a user is guaranteed by two independent factors, on the one hand the Placetel user password and on the other hand the authentication code.

In the following we will explain how the 2FA is activated and what needs to be considered. We also present three suitable solutions for two-factor authentication with Placetel.


Activate 2FA in the web interface

Two-factor authentication is activated in the profile of the respective user. To get to these settings, navigate to the Administration -> Employees tab and edit the employee for whom the Placetel 2FA should be activated. In the user data area, the 2FA can be activated under the User Password tab by clicking "Activate two-factor authentication". On the following page, a check mark must now be set for "Activate two-factor authentication". The password of the logged in user must then be entered for confirmation. After these steps the 2FA is activated. In the last step, the appropriate authentication software only needs to be coupled.

Pairing authentication software

After activating the 2FA in the web interface, Placetel provides you with a QR code. This QR code must be scanned with the corresponding authentication software, such as Google Authenticator, so that from now on a current authentication code can always be generated by the authentication software.

Important instructions

Please note that after successfully activating 2FA, the web interface is only possible for the respective user with the user password and the authentication code that you received via the authentication software. The personal authentication code is requested every 30 days and remains active for each end device (browser) until then. The 2FA will be activated the next time you try to log in. If different users are to log in using two-factor authentication, they all have to scan the generated QR code during setup. Please note that the QR code is only displayed for 10 minutes for security reasons. The 2FA can be deactivated at any time by a logged in user using the steps described above.

Software overview for 2FA

In this small overview we present three suitable solutions for the 2FA with Placetel.

Google Authenticator (Recommended)

To use the Google Authenticator for the Placetel 2FA, you have to install the software on your mobile device. At the following link, Google offers you a corresponding instruction: Google Authenticator


To use Authy for the Placetel 2FA, you need to install the software on your respective device. Authy provides instructions and download links at the following link: Authy

Duo Mobile

To use Duo Mobile for the Placetel 2FA, you need to install the software on your mobile device. Duo Mobile offers instructions and download links at the following link: Duo Mobile

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