At Placetel, you will receive notifications of missed calls, voicemail messages and faxes via email.

Voicemail and missed calls

You can define the following settings both in phone numbers and in routing objects.

The way is comparable.

Notification settings

Select PBX → Numbers → Affected number → Forwarding settings → Notifications.

Here you can:

  • Enable or disable notifications.

  • Send notifications to the global email address or a local address

  • Define the local email address

  • Set the address in the e-mail.

Global settings

Under PBX → Settings you will find the global settings for routing and notifications.

If you remove the checkmark there, no employee of the telephone system will receive any more notifications about voice messages, missed calls or faxes. Therefore, choose these settings carefully.

Here you can also see the global email address, which you can adjust in the profile of the main account. In most cases it is advisable not to change this setting and instead to define a local e-mail address in the individual phone numbers or routing objects.

Missed calls on the device

If several end devices in a call group ring and the call is accepted on one end device, this call is displayed as "missed" on all other end devices in the group. This behavior cannot be set.


You can find out how to configure the e-mail address for faxes in a separate online help article on the subject of faxes.

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