Music on hold
The music on hold option allows you to play individual music for your callers.
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Music on hold is used in the following contexts:

  • Put caller on hold for consultation

  • Connect with consultation

  • Music on hold in the queue

  • Music on hold instead of ringtone option

The music on hold recorded by you will be played in all of the above cases. In this context, only one music on hold can be played.

Upload individual music on hold

You can upload your individual music on hold via the telephone system - announcements - music on hold. Here you also have to choose whether you want to use the standard music on hold or your own.


Please note that the "individual music on hold" function is part of the premium package and must be booked for it.

Music on hold instead of ringtone

With Placetel you have the option of exchanging your ringtone for incoming calls with the music on hold stored in the system. The caller hears music on hold instead of a dial tone.

In the following steps you replace the ringtone with the music on hold.

  1. Switch to the "Telephone system" tab.

  2. Click on the menu item "Numbers" and select the number for which you want to use this option.

  3. Edit the current routing. You will find the "Miscellaneous" tab under the forwarding settings. There you can activate music on hold instead of the standard ringtone.

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