Info: We generally recommend using the Placetel Mail2Fax and Fax2Mail solutions.


  1. In your Placetel interface, navigate to Telephone system → Numbers. Click on the green arrow to the right of the desired phone number and select Set up as fax number.

  2. Enter a display name for the fax number.

  3. Select the email addresses to which incoming faxes should be sent:
    - You define the global e-mail address for the entire Placetel account in the settings.
    - Under local e-mail addresses you can insert one or more e-mail addresses for this special fax number separated by commas in the following field.

  4. Check the box next to Send fax PDF document as attachment in the e-mail or deselect it.

  5. Put the fax pin. You have to set this PIN in every outgoing fax e-mail in order to authenticate yourself to our fax server. Every user who should be able to send via this fax by e-mail must be given this PIN.

  6. Enter the header for outgoing faxes. This header is shown to the recipient. You can e.g. enter your company name there.

  7. In the Whitelist field you have to enter all the sender email addresses that are allowed to send a fax. Please enter the addresses line by line.

The phone number is now configured as a digital fax number and no longer receives calls. You can find the faxes you have set up, or fax numbers, under the Fax navigation point.

You can view and send faxes both by e-mail and in the web interface. Further instructions for receiving and sending faxes can be found in the article on Fax2Mail / Mail2Fax.

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