With Placetel you have a wide range of forwarding options available, such as simple forwarding to an employee, forwarding to external numbers, sequential forwarding, parallel forwarding or the mixing of forwardings. Placetel also offers you the option of adapting the text on the display of your telephone for the individual callers.

In the following you will find out how you can control your incoming calls and set up forwarding to other numbers. This is particularly important when a call comes in to an employee who is busy and therefore cannot answer the call.

You cannot currently influence personal numbers in the routing. These always ring firmly on the employee to whom the number was assigned.

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Personal numbers

You cannot currently influence personal numbers in the routing. These always ring firmly on the employee to whom the number was assigned. In the following, all routing instructions refer to service numbers. You can book these for £ 2.90 per month.

Control incoming calls

You can control incoming calls in your telephone system very easily. To do this, you just have to call up the drop-down menu for the corresponding phone number and select there that you want to set up the phone number as a forwarding.

Placetel offers you a wide variety of complex options for distributing incoming calls to any number of destinations and VoIP destinations. The following sections describe the various options for forwarding incoming calls.

Forwarding to an employee

Click in the free text field and select a VoIP destination to be forwarded to.

Forwarding to an external number

Click on the “Add external number” button and enter the landline or mobile phone number you want to forward to.

Sequential forwarding

With sequential forwarding, you can chain forwarding destinations by defining the time periods after which forwarding to another destination should take place if the actual destination is speaking or offline.

To do this, enter employees or external phone numbers in the appropriate fields as usual and specify the ring duration. You can define up to 4 further sequential forwarding levels.

Parallel forwarding or parallel ringing

With parallel forwarding, all selected destinations / phone numbers ring at the same time. The end device (answering machine) or the employee who answers the incoming call first speaks to the caller.

To do this, simply enter the employees and / or phone numbers in the free text field. You can enter up to 10 destinations.

Mixing redirects

You can of course also combine the above forwarding rules. For example, you can create a routing with parallel and sequential forwarding.


Individual text display

You can set what is shown on the phone display when a call is forwarded to a VoIP destination. This is helpful to make it easier for your employees to prepare appropriately for the content or purpose of the call before it is answered.

  1. In the web interface click on the PBX → Numbers tab

  2. Select the desired phone number from the phone number list and click on “edit”.

  3. Under the item “Forwarding settings” select the menu item “Call number display”

  4. Enter the text and / or the phone number that you want to transmit to the IP terminal

Please note: You must enter a correct, correct phone number in the format "0221123456". Do not use a format that begins with “00…” or “+…”. These calls will then not be routed correctly.

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