LDAP phone book
With the help of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) you can access the contacts of your Placetel account from your device.
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LDAP is based on the client-server model and is used for directory services. With Placetel, LDAP describes the communication between the end devices (LDAP client) and the Placetel contact directory (directory server).

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Enable LDAP

LDAP is automatically enabled in Placetel for Webex.

Various phone books

The following telephone books are provided via LDAP:

Internal phone book

The internal address book consists of all VoIP destinations created in the account to which an internal extension has been assigned.

Global phone book
The global phone book can be viewed by all employees / users of the account and is always synchronized via LDAP.

Personal phone book
The personal phone book of an employee / user is synchronized on the phone, provided that the respective employee / user has been correctly linked to the device.

Supported hardware

Auto provisioning

With desk phones from Cisco, Snom and Yealink, the LDAP phone book is auto-provisioned. If you are using the latest, recommended firmware, you do not need to make any further settings.

LDAP in the Webex client

The LDAP phone book is currently not connected to the Webex client.

Additional information

When is the data in the LDAP server updated?

The data is updated during the following actions:

  • When a contact is created, changed or deleted

  • When an employee / user is created or deleted

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