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Setting up a voice selection menu (IVR)

To set up an IVR, you must first upload an announcement as a welcome and selection announcement under the menu item “Announcements”. You will need this announcement later in the facility.

You must then create a routing object for each selection option and define forwarding destinations for it. As an example, we have chosen the options Marketing and Sales, which is why we are creating a routing object for sales and one for marketing.

For a better overview when there are several selection options, we recommend that you assign these routing objects to a routing plan. (You can find out how to set up routing plans and routing objects here).

In the next step you assign the IVR to a phone number. To do this, click on “Configure as IVR” in the drop-down menu for the desired number.

Now you get to the routing settings for the number. Here you select the previously uploaded menu announcement. Finally you only have to assign the routing objects of your IVR to the telephone buttons. Here, for example, key 1 for marketing and key 2 for sales. Your voice menu is now ready for use.

Please note that no notifications will be generated if a customer hangs up during the voice menu.

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