Display CDR

In your Placetel customer account, click on the drop-down menu at the top right and select the item Invoices & CDR

To get to the CDR overview click on the CDR tab.

The CDR overview


1 - This area shows you a summary of the number and total duration of all calls, as well as the costs incurred.

Important: This summary applies to the filter (2 & 3) given below. By default, the current month is filtered. For example, if you call up the EIC overview on January 29th, you will see the total overview for January.

2 - This area offers you additional filter methods. To get a better overview, you can filter here according to selected VoIP destinations and telephone numbers. You can also display all calls over a certain period of time.

3 - This blue highlighted area shows you the filters selected for the current view. You can also reset the current filter here. To do this, click on Delete filter.

4 - In this area all phone calls are listed individually. The date of the call, the duration of the call and the costs are displayed for each call. You can also see which phone number has called and which phone number was called. The description describes the type of call.

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