The Webex App can be used as a softphone.

A softphone is a piece of software that can be used to make phone calls just like a desk phone.

In this article, you will learn how easy you can make a phone call using the Webex client. The most important features during a phone call will also be explained.

Basics and the call feature

The menu

The telephony menu can usually be found by clicking on the handset symbol on the left-hand side of the navigation area.

Dial phone number and call

Using the keypad

1 - To call someone, click on the keys on the keypad or enter the numbers directly using the keypad. Alternatively, you can also enter the name of a contact/colleague or an internal extension number here, if they are available.

2 - If you have linked several end devices with your Webex client, you can select the end device with which you want to make a call in this drop-down menu.

3 - Use the handset symbol to start a voice call. For a video call, use the camera symbol.

Calling someone from the call history

Your call history is displayed on the left-hand side. All answered and unanswered calls are displayed here.

You can start a voice call with a particular contact directly using the green handset symbol. For a video call, use the video symbol.

During the phone call

Hold calls - Hold function

If you ever need to pause the call, you can put the call on hold.

To resume the call, press the green Resume button.

Transfer calls - Transfer function

If you want to transfer a caller by phone, select the transfer function.

A keypad appears. You can use it to enter the number of the caller to whom you want to transfer the call. You can enter an external call number, an internal extension or the name of the internal staff member.

Conference call - Conference function

To add another person to an existing call, you can use the conference function.

Enter the phone number of the person you want to add. You can enter an external phone number, an internal extension or the name of the internal staff member.

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