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Learn how to send and receive faxes via email with Placetel.
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This article is based on the previous phone number setup as a fax number as described here,


Your employees need a login to use the Placetel web interface. To do this, create an employee for each person who should be able to log in. Further information can be found here.

You and your employees can find the received faxes under PBX → Fax.

Then on the Fax page, click on Fax Inbox.


All e-mail addresses entered during the setup receive a message when a fax has arrived. You can change these e-mail addresses at any time by clicking on the pen in Fax Number Configuration.

If you checked the box during the setup, every fax sent will be sent to you as an attachment to an e-mail to the specified address. If not, you will only receive information about an incoming fax and the corresponding link to the web interface.


You and your employees can send new faxes under PBX → Fax.

There please click on the green text New Fax at the top left and fill in the necessary fields. That's it!


Often you may not want to log into the web interface to send a fax or some employees may want to use your account exclusively for this purpose. In this case, faxes can simply be sent by e-mail. All e-mail addresses entered when setting up the fax number are allowed to send faxes via this, provided you know the PIN. You can change these authorised e-mail addresses at any time under Fax Number → Configuration by clicking on the pen and then under Whitelist. The fax itself must be in PDF format. Here is an example (theory and practice):


Subject: <target phone number>; <Pin>

Attachment: <file name> .pdf


Subject: 022199968989; 1234

Attachment: fax.pdf

The target number is 022199968989, the fax number PIN 1234 and the PDF file to be sent fax.pdf. The sender e-mail address was previously added to the whitelist.

Additional information

  • Avoid special characters in the PDF file name.

  • Do not send any other files (e.g. image files from signatures etc.)

  • Alternatively, you can also insert the fax PIN in the first line of the mail

  • The more pages a fax has, the longer it takes to send

  • The bigger a fax page is, the longer it takes to send

  • After sending the fax, you will receive a delivery report by e-mail within a few minutes

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